Our Latest Features

We’ve been working hard at the GESDATE office to add new features and keep the app as simple and easy to use as possible! We are excited to highlight some of these features here that have really improved the usability of the app.

Pedigree Tracking

  • We make it easy to track the pedigree of your sow and pigs right within the web portal.

Service Sire Details

  • While GESDATE is still focused on tracking sow information, you can enter information about your service sires that you use and pick them from a drop down list if you use the same service sire multiple times.

Farrowing Cards

  • You can print a farrowing card to identify sows in farrowing crates! The cards include a QR code that can easily be scanned within the mobile app and bring up the sow information quickly to update.

Calendar View

  • We created a calendar so you can quickly see which sows are coming into heat, due to confirm, due to farrow and litters to wean.

Pig Details

  • You can track individual pig detail from birth and promote gilts to your herd.


  • You can upload pictures of each sow or pig into their profile to easily view or share with others.

More Reports!

  • You asked for them and we have listened! We have added several reports to make tracking your herd easier. We have added several general reports, sales and vaccination reports for your herd.

We always enjoy the opportunity to meet and talk with our customers and find ways to improve GESDATE! We are always a click away! We have more exciting features coming!

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